We’d sure like to hear from you!

If you’ve seen a show or heard some of the Moonshiners’ tunes and you want other folks to know what you think. If you have questions about the Moonshiners, we’ll do the best we can to help find the answers for you.

But if you’re revenuers … we don’t know ‘em and we don’t know where they be!

3 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Mike Finn says:

    Unfortunately, I was ill and missed your performance at the Xerox Jazz Festival.
    Fortunately, my daughter was there and bought your album. What a great sound!
    Thanks for the autographs!

  2. Dick Marmo says:

    Hi Guys, I am Dick Marmo. The mgr/owner/gtr of the indigo 6 band. We just played at the July 2nd wedding with you guys. And I just want to say how cool it was to hear a group of REAL multi-talented musicians. In this day of modern technology & fake backing tracks…TMM band actually has members that not only play “A” great instrument…each member plays MULTIPLE instruments. As a musician myself for over 40+ years in the biz…it was refreshing to see REAL earthy musical talent with excellent vocal harmonies as well. I also enjoyed your approach to performing. Which is done in your own unique style. Very Cool! I checked out your creds on this sight & am VERY impressed. We are from the NePA region of the Poconos/Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA. So we don’t get down here much into your area. But if your group is any indication of the health of the music scene down here…it must be doing just fine. It was just really refreshing to see some real unique talent with a nice twist put on it. We announced you to the guests when we started our late night sets because you had already had to depart. You got the crowd all primed up for us to perform next. And we got some great referrals from the guests. So I wanted to thank you for starting the day off VERY nicely & handing off the reigns to us in very good shape.(Sorry about that overlapping sound check. We couldn’t hear or see you out there-my bad) It was VERY cool meeting all of you & working with you. Keep on keepin’ it Real guys. Sincerely, Dick Marmo/indigo 6 band

  3. Bruce D. Reed says:

    I want to see Karin jump 3 feet in the air and run in circles. (Add me to your mailing list please.)

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