The Moonshiners

Stephen Buckalew

Stephen was born with a fiddle in his hands.... which made childbirth very uncomfortable for his poor mother! Throughout his life, he also picked up the guitar and mandolin, bringing the same Buckalew magic to those instruments as well. Add his vocals to the mix and it's easy to see why he's the musical leader of the Moonshiners. Stephen has played many types of music in many bands over the years, and that diversity clearly shows up in Moonshiner music. Stephen grew up on Tussey Mountain, and he still lives practically right beside it. He loves the Central PA area, and so it was perfectly fitting to call the band Tussey Mountain Moonshiners.

Gwen Stimely

Gwen first started playing the banjo after seeing Bill Monroe years ago, but she was afraid to let anybody hear her. We’re so glad that she was having fun and didn’t give up, and eventually overcame that fear. Her unique playing style and wonderful vocals, along with her songwriting talent, are huge contributors to the Tussey Mountain Moonshiner’s success.

Marc 'Lumber City Slim'

Marc "Lumber City Slim" plays bass and guitar for the Moonshiners and also does a little singing. Marc is a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who plays a wide variety of music in multiple bands. He brings many years of frontman and sideman experience to the group and is "at home" working the crowd or hanging in the pocket. When he isn't playing music you can find him working his full time job as a Luthier, building and repairing instruments. When he isn't playing or building you'll find him brewing beer and drinking it. 

Steve Crawford

Steve was born and raised in that hotbed of bluegrass, suburban Philadelphia. In seventh grade he began playing bass, then guitar, in his father's band.  Together with their friend George they formed the nucleus of a number of bands such as The Sounds of Bluegrass, The Haycock Mountain Rainbow Chasers, and the seminal Northeast Extension. In the years since Steve has played his original songs in honky tonks and barrooms from Anchorage to Austin, Boulder to Belgrade.  He now lives in State College with his wife and two daughters, fine singers all.

Jeremy Tosten

Jeremy Tosten is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist leading and siding in a number of central Pennsylvania bands over the past 15 years.  Influenced by gospel and blues roots, Jeremy brings a spirited and improvisational style to the band complementing the Moonshiners' original songs and arrangements.